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Does a new phone need to be charged for 24 hours

The question may be quite surprising but actually one of our users asked this. Does a new phone need to be charged for 24 hours? Of course that is not true! Estimated charging time for most mobile phones oscillates between 1.5 and 3.5 hours. To a large extent it depends on battery capacity and depth of battery discharge. By the way, deep discharges are not recommended ???? . See more: https://inlookup.com

The more capacious the battery and the stronger the discharge, the longer the charging time will be - this is obvious. It is still worth pointing out that in smartphones with inductive charging, the charging time may increase slightly. In some of the devices on the market, there are also fast charging options that dramatically reduce the battery charging time. Quick charging must support both the phone and we must have a suitable charger (usually branded from the manufacturer). But is fast charging (Quick Charge) good for the phone battery?

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You need to know that the battery heats up during charging, the higher the temperature, the faster the "battery ages". High temperatures are deadly to cells, whether the batteries are built with Li-Ion technology (lithium-ion batteries) or with LiPo or Li-Poly (lithium polymer). When the % charge of the battery rises above 80 dashes, the charging current also rises. There is a reason why many experts recommend charging your smartphone battery only to 80-85%.

It is also worth mentioning here about battery formatting. These are no longer the days when batteries had to be "formatted" by completely discharging and charging it to 100%. In lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries there is no memory effect, so there is no need to format the battery, what more discharging to the minimum is not recommended, it can even damage the battery in extreme situations.

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